Whatever industry you’re in, FieldXL’s platform offers several field service management capabilities to equip you with the tools you need to provide the best customer service possible. With the number of features that the platform offers, we’ve been able to help businesses across several industries consolidate and simplify their software application toolset.

FieldXL could be a great fit for you if you’re looking for a solution that will:

  • Transform your business
  • Improve your field service management capabilities
  • Streamline your operations

FieldXL is a cloud-based, mobile-friendly app with a focus exclusively on field service and workforce management. We’ve been able to help businesses across several industries by consolidating and simplifying their field management software application toolset. We know how hard you work to make your business successful. FieldXL was built with that in mind – to help simplify and manage your field services so you can spend more time growing your business and improving customer service.

  • Field Service Management Solution
  • Capable for any industry
  • Easy to learn
  • Custom configuration for your service company!

FieldXL Verticals

Appliance repair companies must keep up with all the changing technologies for a range of devices. That natural impact equals a lot of phone calls, a lot of service orders, and a lot of invoices flying around. FieldXL can help your service company organized and a means of easy management so that you can do what you do best, keep things working. 

As you manage your carpet cleaning business you are likely faced with dispatching teams to various locations and various job sizes. Getting the right team or person to the right place can be challenging by its self. FieldXL, is designed to help manage your work orders efficiently and is customizable to meet the needs of your unique operation. 

Rinse and repeat! The general service of commercial cleaning companies. Ensure your team completes those daily routine tasks to ensure you provide your clients with the highest quality service. 

There are many moving pieces on your construction site. Ensure no task goes incomplete with our project management, work order, and task management features. Provide your clients with an easy view of the overall project to keep them engaged and active as you build their dream property. 

We all love to eat at our favorite restaurants, cafes, diner, or bar. There is a lot of work that goes into preparing your favorite dish, making sure tables are clean, food is prepared, and the facility remains clean. FieldXL can help your team stay on top of those little nuisance and the critical ones. How convenient is it for customers to be able to place their own order from the table, or pay when they are ready to go? What about leaving a nice comment because your waiter was awesome? What a great experience! As this digital age continues to steam forward and utilizing mobile devices to interact with people, we have to make sure we keep our IoT devices online and functional.

The old aged general service industry continues to operate in those traditional processes, primarily using dated technologies, pen & paper, and snail-mail for invoicing. In today’s world, people expect faster service and would prefer to pay now. FieldXL is capable of meeting all these needs for the general service sector and do so with our intuitive platform. One of the biggest but simplest feature requests for field technicians is the ability to see the history of a particular job. That simple task of going through notes, contracts, memos, or old emails takes a tremendous amount of time. Keep your technicians in the loop by providing them on-demand access to historical information. General services will continue to grow and new companies will make their debut. More than likely with the latest technology, tools, and processes. FieldXL can implement your processes and workflows into our platform and change the way you manage your day to day operations, keeping you competitive in a new digital world.

HVAC service calls occur all year long whether it’s summer or winter. FieldXL makes it easy to manage those service calls in our intuitive scheduling interface. You can also easily send invoices or create a service agreement within our tool. Don’t leave your clients in the cold with poor customer experience. 

Your handyman service requires you to be available for a wide range of services. FieldXL helps organize, prioritize, and manage the various service calls you may receive. Keep track of customer information from job to job and be better prepared for up-selling opportunities. Whether you work alone or have a team of technicians, FieldXL’s field service management solution is like having an assistant in your pocket. 

The healthcare industry is one of the most traditional staples in our economy as we know it. Our life line can not afford to be OFFLINE. Digital innovations have now made it possible for consumers to use portable devices to access their medical information, monitor their vital signs, take tests at home and carry out a wide range of tasks. Keeping critical devices online at all times is crucial in saving lives. FieldXL can help manage the chaos of repairing machines, down to the facility itself. FieldXL can assist in maintaining an efficient, clean, functional facility with preventative maintenance, work order management, and asset tracking. Management should have the right data to make the right decision at all times. Lives are counting on it.

Hospitality service is designed to help enhance client experiences by improving communication and connections with clients, creating warm and welcoming environments and effectively managing challenging situations. We believe that it is the process of “doing something for someone”, is the most that we can bring to our customers’ experience; they expect more. Guests are not only expecting better accommodations; they are expecting the intangible experience to be unforgettable. Our interaction with customers goes from checking in a guest, cleaning the room, taking a meal order in the restaurant, taking a beverage order in the lounge or any of the other opportunities that arise to assist a guest. FieldXL equips staff with the right technology to improve the culture of hospitality and enhance client service. We know that the most important people in the hospitality industry are the hard workers and dedicated staff who commit themselves to refining the art and skill of customer service. FieldXL focus on quality service and our experience tell us how important it is to be geared toward customers where technology is present every day. As our technology evolves and we continue to develop cutting edge IoT applications that can predict problems before they start, or notify your team of a critical issue. Through mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, it’s possible to request for service without needing to pick up the room service phone, waiting on hold, and then waiting for someone to come to your room to deliver your order. Technology based service can make service request much simpler. Let’s work together to give your customers an unforgettable experience.

Rinse and repeat! The general service of janitorial cleaning companies. Ensure your team completes those daily routine tasks to ensure you provide your clients with the highest quality service. 

Creating beautiful landscaping projects is a lot of work. FieldXL provides great tools to help you meet your customer expectations. With our built-in drawing canvas you’re able to show clients remaining work, redline plans, manage tasks and send that final invoice all, in one intuitive tool. 

Manufacturing is a major cornerstone of our global economy. Most things you see in your day to day life probably came from manufacturing. With a demanding urge of “I want it now”, means manufacturers must stay operational at all times. FieldXL can provide tools to manage maintenance tasks across multiple locations, and the ability to keep open communications with the field techs performing the work. As our technology evolves we are developing cutting edge IoT applications that can predict problems before they start, or notify your team of critical issues. Helping to keep the world moving is our contribution to manufactures. Make better decisions for when to replace assets, negotiate maintenance contracts, or determine a more efficient maintenance schedule. FieldXL can help you run a lean facility without the overhead maintenance or cost for an enterprise application.

Keep your clients happy with a great pool and spa services. FieldXL is flexible and can easily be configured to track the information needed to provide a great customer experience. Generate recurring tasks to help stay on top of your annual service task. Record pertinent details of pool size, equipment type, and chemicals used during each visit. 

In a technical world, brick and mortar stores are continuing to undergoing a transformation into the digital age. Companies are embracing new ways of doing business and reengineering how they connect with customers. To succeed in the digital business era, retail stores have to stretch their boundaries. This requires rethinking their business model, deciding how to transform into digital businesses, and making the right technology investments to become digital leaders. Retail, being the most competitive industry known, has no time for downtime. The point of sale must be online, the internet has to be connected, the facility has to be clean and presentable and the list goes on. For multi-location establishments from three to three hundred, it’s important to maintain control over your support cost. FieldXL can help manage work orders of each location, dispatch techs to critical issues, and giving the management team the right data on their service delivery performance. Retailers are already making significant investments in tech, to meet the expectations and demands of an increasingly digital customer base.

As a utility service provider, we cannot afford to have any downtime. Whether you’re making routine maintenance fixes or resolving an area outage we must have a handle on our teams and assets. FieldXL is capable of managing critical business responses to ensure you continue to provide a great customer experience. 

Keep your waste management business on track and organized during your routine routes. FieldXL makes it easy to customize reports, assigned routes, and status of each and every pickup. Easily keep a log of daily activity to measure efficiency and improve your process. 


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Assets have both an operational and financial impact on your business. 

Are you an IT company that tracks IT Assets? How does your company categorize work?

Keep all your permanent customer information housed in one place.

Save and share files, manuals, drawings, or other documents with your team. 

Ever had a technician arrive on time to the wrong customer location? 

The destination of your next opportunity could be right around the corner. 

We all visualize information differently. 

FieldXL provides a digital canvas at your fingertips. 

Don’t let failing equipment catch you off guard.

Many companies continue to use traditional methods to manage work orders.

FieldXL provides the ability to sync timesheets and invoices to QuickBooks.

The only way to make your process more efficient is with the right analytics.

Route optimization can play a major role in your day-to-day operations.

Building and managing your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule should not be a daunting task.

Task Management makes it easy to “check the box” for those detailed items you need to do in order to complete a larger work order.

Time Tracking is one of the most critical functions for field technicians.

Don’t be surprised when your asset warranty expires.

Work order management solutions for service companies to automate routine processes and keep your field technicians connected.

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Assets have both an operational and financial impact on your business. Keeping your assets online and healthy is crucial. Coupling work order data with asset management provides meaningful information on when those assets need to be replaced, thus preventing outages, and keeping your business running. When we provide historical information about an asset it allows our field teams to better understand issues and resolve the symptoms of the problem which increases our first-time fix rates.

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  • Asset life cycle management
  • Make better decisions on asset investments
  • Ensure assets are performing as expected


Are you an IT company that tracks IT Assets? How does your company categorize work? Do you already have a defined process? Doesn’t matter. FieldXL was designed to accommodate your unique workflow. FieldXL values what our customers value, so while FieldXL comes with an impressive set of core features, we also understand that you might have unique organizational processes that require a bit of customization behind the scenes. At the end of the day, the only way we can get better is by improving what we know. We can only do that if we are gathering the right data in the field. FieldXL’s custom configuration elevates that hurdle and puts the data you need in the hands of your field technicians. 


Keep all your pertinent customer information housed in one place. As new customers request your service you can easily add customer information into our built-in CRM. No, need to have multiple systems to do the same job. FieldXL is flexible enough to add any new field you need to gather whatever data you need to capture for your customer. When field technicians are interacting with customers or your up selling your service, we need to have the full history of the conversation. Keep the conversation alive and show your customers you know what they need. 

Click on image to enlarge


  • Customer information in one place
  • Track history of your conversation
  • Customize custermer engagement workflow


Save and share files, manuals, drawings, or other documents with your team and keep everything in sync. 

Click on image to enlarge


  • Keep files in the cloud and accessible anywhere
  • Share with anyone in your organization
  • Always have the latest version
  • Upload documents, pictures, images or any other asset you need to share


Ever had a technician arrive on time to the wrong customer location? It’s happened to us all or bound to happen at some point. Having the ability to track field technicians not only provides a safety measure but also allows managers the ability to ensure the right people are at the right places at the right time. An added benefit to help techs be more efficient is that we are able to ease the clock-in/out saga or better known as the “I forgot to clock in” scenario. As your techs arrive on-site FieldXL will only allow technicians that are assigned to work orders to actually add time. Of course, managers can easily turn this feature off but if your working with a fixed cost budget, this feature helps manage dollars spent on resources. 

Click on image to enlarge

  • Easily track field technicians
  • Ensure the right tech is at the right job
  • Provide added safety for your field team


The destination of your next opportunity could be right around the corner. With geolocated data, your field technician can get turn by turn directions so they can plan accordingly and arrive on time. Our Location Management feature gives you the ability to tie work order and asset management data to a physical location. As we have learned on many projects many companies fail to keep an updated log of critical assets, much less know where they are. We’ve created an easy to use interface that allows users in the field to capture relevant information for your locations. Now you’ll be able to project where outages could occur by region and plan services calls accordingly. 

Click on image to enlarge

  • Easily access location information
  • See the full view of project time and cost across your locations
  • Report performance of locations and learn from data


We all visualize information differently. Some like spreadsheets while others are move visual. Sometimes it’s just easier to see it on a map. FieldXL provides an easy view to see all your work orders, assets, routes, and locations on a dynamic map. Get the full landscape of where your objects are located to determine the best path for planning service calls. 

Click on image to enlarge


  • See the full picture of your assets, locations, and work orders on an intuitive map


FieldXL provides a digital canvas at your fingertips. Our plans module gives technicians, designers, or contractor’s the ability to markup shop drawings, landscape layouts, redline floor plans, and annotate project plans. While collaborating with your team users can draw shapes, add text, revision clouds, and make digital measurements in real-time, helping your project progress faster. 

FieldXL’s drawing canvas automatically calculates areas of shapes displayed on the screen to give you a quick and easy way to provide estimates on materials. If you’re installing a new floor, hardscaping a parking lot, landscaping a project, building a roof, or pouring a slab, the area calculation tool helps you make more accurate estimates on your projects.

Our all-in-one platform allows you to consolidate your toolset, avoid the use of multiple applications to do the same job (which saves you from switching back and forth between apps), and improve your bottom line all while keeping your project data connected in one place. We understand completing construction project timelines are critical. When one task slips it’s a drastic domino effect. The integrated work order management feature coupled with our plans module helps support that bridge.

Click on image to enlarge


  • Reduce your cost and number of applications into one solution
  • Access drawing canvas and plans anywhere
  • Share plan markups in real-time
  • Improve accuracy in measurements and design
  • Associate your Plans with your work orders and projects seamlessly


Don’t let failing equipment catch you off guard. To continue to run a sustainable operation your equipment needs to be online and functioning at all times. Running routine maintenance checks for your critical equipment will decrease the chances of you being caught in the dark. Let’s make sure we are taking every precaution to keep our systems functioning 24/7.

Click on image to enlarge

  • Stop costly outages before they occur
  • Schedule routine maintenance checks
  • Project when assets are reaching end of life


Many companies continue to use traditional methods to manage work orders. Project management has changed over the years to address the “I need it now”, customer mentality. Depending on the industry project management can be very process heavy. We’ve taken our experience and designed a lightweight tool to give you the same benefits without the complexity. We’re not developing the next greatest project management app but we are taking general practice functions and applying it to an easy to use application. Use FieldXL project management to group work orders together to analyze the cost and time spent. Managers can generate reports to determine how much time and dollars they are spending year over year to continue the process of improving their workflow.  Not only is it great to see the overall time and spend, but our tool also allows you to see projects completed, in flight, or not started to manage those detailed project tasks, keeping them on track. 

Click on image to enlarge


  • Group work orders and teams together
  • See the full view of project time and cost
  • Schedule your projects more efficiently


FieldXL provides the ability to sync timesheets and invoices to Quickbooks. We support both Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks desktop. Our sync tool reduces duplicate data entry and keeps technicians out of your Quickbooks application. Our integration may reduce your Quickbooks monthly cost (per user) and provided your techs one intuitive app that keeps all project work in the same place. 

Click on image to enlarge

  • QuickBooks Online integration
  • QuickBooks desktop integration
  • Reduce duplicate data entry


The only way to make your process more efficient is with the right analytics. Generate reports to identify how field techs, locations, assets, and projects are performing. The best way to make a process better is to make decisions based on facts. You can’t make great business decisions without meaningful analytics. We provide several reports out of the box but also provide the ability to build custom reports for your organization. 

Click on image to enlarge


  • Analytics that drive decisions
  • Metrics across your organization
  • Graphical interface for easy readability
  • Out of the box effective reporting


Route optimization can play a major role in your day to day operations. Most service companies that have been around for 10+ years generally now their local area really well. However, there can still be some “gotchas” when planning your route. Utilizing simple features like traffic awareness, closed roads, detours, or commercial only routes allows field technicians to arrive on-site faster and avoid any unknown delays. We also gain a sense of satisfaction from customers who live in the “I want it now” mentality. 

Click on image to enlarge

  • Plan service calls more efficiently
  • Report on travel times
  • Dispatch closest field technician to new jobs


Building and managing your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule should not be a daunting task. Our intuitive drag and drop scheduling feature allows managers the ability to quickly assign work orders to your team. You are able to assign work orders based on region, type of job, or field technician experience. No more whiteboards, sticky notes, or notepaper. Our digital experience will save you time on schedule administration. 

Click on image to enlarge

  • Never double book your technicians
  • Build schedules quickly and with ease
  • See scheduling updates in real-time


Task Management makes it easy to “check the box” for those detailed items you need to do in order to complete a larger work order. For example, preparing a birthday party you may have many tasks to ensure you have a successful party. You must schedule the date, pick up plates, cups, drinks, cake and of course presents. While each task plays a role in completing the larger work item, these are simple things you don’t want to forget about in order to increase the success of your work order. 

Click on image to enlarge


  • Create easy to follow task list
  • Easily mark task complete or not complete
  • Track progress of task


Time Tracking is one of the most critical functions for field technicians. After all, it’s what determines the paycheck or how much to bill a client. Tracking time shouldn’t feel like an administrative task but just something we do as part of the job. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be easy. We’ve enabled geo-located time tracking that can start or stop time tracking based on your field technicians’ location, thus less time administrating and more time completing work. If you are a service organization that bills out projects or you want to improve upon your current process, our easy-to-use time tracking flow can help. Field techs can clock in and out of jobs with a click of a button. The time tracker can also be configured to use geofencing, which only allows time to be entered if techs are onsite. It’s time to be more efficient. 

Click on image to enlarge


  • One click time tracking
  • Geo based time tracking
  • Automated time cards


Don’t be surprised when your asset warranty expires. With FieldXL, you’ll be able to stay on top of all of your asset warranties’ to ensure you don’t waste time and money on repairs. As new assets are installed it’s important to know warranty terms so that you can recover expenses on costly parts that may be covered under the warranty. 

Click on image to enlarge


  • Set recurring reminders when warranty’s will expire
  • Keep critical assets functional
  • Minimize unnecessary maintenance cost


Work order management solutions for service companies to automate routine processes and keep your field technicians connected. Work order management should be an effortless task. Keeping your field technicians equipped with real-time pertinent information is the key to completing jobs faster, which allows you to complete more service calls in your day. We are able to do this without tying up the back office and fetching a one-off request of who is the customer, what has already been completed, or what you are here to do. The first step to transform your business is to digitize your work orders management. Across all industries, the work order serves the same purpose by telling your techs what they need to do. Within an arms reach we can keep your field technicians connected to critical information and help them work more efficiently.

Click on image to enlarge


  • Work order information in the hands of your technicians
  • Track history of service jobs
  • Provide exact customer needs and change request in real-time
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