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Serving all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

Check Out Volt Merchant Solutions' Wide Suite of Sales and Payment Processing Solutions.

Reduce Processing Fees

Keep 100% of every credit card sale when you sell $100 and you'll receive $100. Pay only for debit card transactions.

Securing Your Payment

Volt partners with industries leading security experts to give our merchants the highest level of protection!

High Risk

Volt is proud to provide a processing solution for most high-risk merchants thru our various platform and bank relationships.

Check & ACH Services

Volt offers secure electronic payments processing of paper checks and ACH transactions from a checking account.

Cash Advances

Are you a business seeking fast funding but can’t get approved for a traditional loan from banking institutions?

Equipment Leasing

We can do all type of deal sizes to support sales for your customers and get them top of the line equipment with a monthly payment.

Clover ®

Point of Sale System Designed to Provide You the Most Reliable and Secure Transactions. Accept All Major Payment Types - Faster, Simpler, and Safer with Clover® POS System.

Samsung Kiosks

•Over the past two years, many customers have become comfortable with ordering food online
•End users are more acclimated to self-service than ever before


High intuitive software and innovative tactile usability makes HiOPOS the ideal choice for your business. Scalable with all the functionalities according to your needs.

Our Experience

Volt Merchant Solutions Reduce Credit Processing Fees

Accept credit cards at no cost to merchant while remaining fully compliant.


Keep 100% of every credit card sale when you sell $100, you'll receive $100. Pay only for debit card transactions.

100% Compliant

We deal with all the complications so you don’t have to. Our turnkey solution complies with all the rules and has you covered.

Volt Merchant Solutions Delivers Payment Processing and More to Help Your Business Grow

At Volt Merchant Solutions, being able to accept all types of payments and processing these transactions punctually; while also being cost-effective, is essential for any business. This means you are not overpaying for processing those transactions. Volt Merchant Solutions not only offers affordable and cutting-edge technology, but we provide unmatched service to all our clients ensuring that their business is successful.

What Volt Merchant Solutions Client Say

Feedback From Our Clients

Elisset Perez


Working with Volt is a dream come true. Professional, quick, and amazing service! Couldn’t imagine working with anyone else! I get calls all the time from companies who say they can better my rates and service, but I will never leave. I trust my business with them.

Al Soto


I Use Volt to process my credit card transactions and the process is very smooth. Funds are automatically transferred to my account. I am highly satisfied with their service and recommend them to all my clients.

David Costa


We couldn't be happier working with you guys. Great customer service and haven't had a single issue with the merchant processing. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else.

Susan Case


So happy with the service and speed of Volt. Never have issues with getting my money and if I ever have a question they are so easy to get in contact with which is less than I can say from my old provider!

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