Zero Cost Credit Processing

Accept credit cards at no cost while fully compliant.

Volt Merchant Solutions can help any merchant, any time, any place. Imagine accepting credit cards for 0%. For many businesses, this savings amounts to thousands of dollars per month!

Free credit card processing, also known as “zero-fee” or “zero-cost” processing, typically refers to the process of passing some or all of the fees associated with payment processing along to your customers, so your business is essentially paying nothing to process payments.

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Zero Cost

You keep 100% of every credit card sale: when you sell $100, you receive $100. Pay only for debit card transactions.

Fully Compliant

We deal with all the complications so you don’t have to. Our turnkey solution complies with all the rules and automatically has you covered.

Customer Friendly

We pass on the fees for credit card transactions only. Your customers can always choose debit as a no-fee option.

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