Unlock the Benefits of Self Service Kiosks with These 7 Key Features!

As the rise of technology surged forward, self-service kiosks became paramount in safeguarding the food service industry against the biting challenges of the pandemic. From small businesses to quick-service and full-service restaurants alike, kiosks have averaged a consistent presence, enabling customers to effortlessly type in their orders on an interactive screen. Thanks to these magical devices, entire transactions can be completed in mere minutes with payment settled via fingertip—a feat that doubles as both a hassle-free experience and a cost-efficient solution for restaurateurs. Market projections indicate the continued integration of kiosks well into 2024 and beyond, rising at an enviable compound rate of 6.4%. Now is the time to galvanize the potential of these innovative tools, allowing ease and affordability to be served up on a silver platter.

Self-Service Kiosks for Small Business

For small business restaurants, juggling multiple responsibilities is a daily reality. From taking orders to running food or seating guests, maximizing staff efficiency is essential. Self-service kiosks present a powerful solution to this challenge, helping businesses reduce the number of employees needed to fulfill orders while empowering customers to order independently. This efficient system also perfectly complements the convenience of a grab n’ go concept, enhancing your establishment’s appeal and satisfying even the busiest of diners. Unlock the potential of self-service kiosks and witness how this remarkable technology can transform the fortunes of your restaurant!

Self-Service Kiosks for Full Service

At full-service establishments, a revolutionary technology has been implemented to transform the dining experience: tablet kiosks positioned on each table. With this inventive amenity, customers are able to order and settle without delay. There’s no more fretting over a server’s arrival; simply input your selection and it will be delivered promptly. This ingenious process accelerates meals preparation, catapulting diners into an expeditious culinary experience. In turn, the tasty temptations and seamless service forge loyal customers who wish to bask in the pleasure of premium gastronomy. 


7 Benefits Of Self-Service Kiosks


1. Reduced Wait Times

The customer experience often hinges on one crucial element—wait time. Whether they linger or leave, the length of wait can be a decisive factor in their restaurant choice. To ensure your patrons are promptly satisfied, look no further than self-service kiosks. By embracing this automated solution, you’ll help your customers escape the frustrations of lengthy queues, with 69% of shoppers insisting long lines are the most annoying aspect of shopping. Accelerate the ordering process and witness the rewards first-hand: increased guest capacity and enhanced revenue. Put the power in your guests’ hands and enjoy the fruits of faster, smoother service.

2. Convenient Contactless Experience

The introduction of contactless dining shifted the paradigm of the restaurant industry, instilling a newfound sense of doubt among customers. Yet, after experiencing its ease and security for themselves, patrons quickly embraced the convenience it offered. Nowadays, self-service kiosks are immensely popular, allowing them to not only order and pay but also divide their bills with total peace of mind—their cards never leaving their possession.

Fortunately, these kiosks accept an array of payment methods, making life that much simpler. What’s more, the ability to split bills is a massive draw for many customers too. In fact, surveys suggest nearly 75% of diners view this as the most desirable feature when it comes to self-payment.

Entrusting your guests with devices that grant them a hassle-free checkout often encourages higher tip percentages and yields lasting satisfaction for your patrons. With 61% of consumers preferring businesses that accept contactless payments, now is the time to introduce self-payment options into your establishment.

3. Increased Order Accuracy

Tired of miscommunications and mistakes with your orders? With self-service kiosks, you’re in full control—maximum accuracy is guaranteed. Personalize your meal to perfection, with a few clicks or taps, no back-and-forth required. Need an extra add-on for that morning latte? No problem! Want to substitute that side salad? Done! And the best part? Nearly half of all diners have already embraced this convenient technology, so you don’t need to be the pioneer—you can simply join right in! Get served up faster, too; say goodbye to long waiting times at the counter and hello to swift satisfaction. 

4. Effective Upselling Techniques

For restaurant operators, self-ordering kiosks are an invaluable asset, offering a remarkable return on investment. Not only do these tech-savvy systems increase overall revenue by an impressive 20%, but they also can generate orders up to 30% higher in value when compared to those placed by counter staff. The secret lies in their capacity to suggest additional items—from extra toppings to side dishes—in an unobtrusive and informative manner. After all, who hasn’t been tempted to sample that signature dish after seeing it beckon from the screen? With universal appeal, it’s no wonder guests often succumb to these enticing offers, blessing restaurants with greater profitability.

5. Preferred Ordering & Paying Method

Greeted with inviting visuals and photos of delightful dishes, the allure of self-service kiosks is undeniable. Experience unparalleled convenience and personalization as you navigate the streamlined ordering process—whether you’re in the mood for something savory or sweet, in a rush or just passing through, it’s easy to locate exactly what your heart desires. For those concerned about the human factor, these machines not only bring speed and efficiency but also provide consistent service that never wavers regardless of how busy the restaurant gets. Take your pick without worry; these kiosks offer an enjoyable experience that is sure to tantalize even the most discerning taste buds.

6. Improved Customer Experience

Catering to customers’ autonomous desires is the key to a fulfilling buying experience. Self-service kiosks provide them with the control they crave, ensuring accuracy by allowing them to double-check their information and reducing wait times for maximum efficiency. With this cutting-edge technology at their fingertips, customers can blaze through the checkout process and your staff can service more shoppers in less time—a win-win situation that offers both convenience and satisfaction.

7. Save Resources

Self-service kiosks offer a revolutionary way to conserve valuable resources. By allowing customers to place orders independently, these devices free up staff to attend to critical tasks such as cleaning the space, restocking materials, and more. Your business can thrive with the ever-growing efficiency of this technology—unlock its full potential and marvel at the sheer flexibility it brings. With the savvy utilization of self-service kiosks, you can optimize operational performance and liberate your workforce to achieve even greater heights.


The Time is NOW…

Transform your restaurant into a haven of efficiency with self-service kiosks—the ultimate solution for quick service, small business, and full-service establishments. Say goodbye to long lines and hello to expedited ordering which, in turn, will bolster revenue and inspire customer loyalty! With Volt Merchant Solutions’ kiosks systems, guests’ orders are seamlessly transferred to the kitchen so you can keep up with the ever-accelerating pace of today’s technology.

Don’t miss out on the opportunities that self-order technology provides in 2023/24—transform your restaurant experience and see success like never before!

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