Job Hopes High as Unemployment Claims Drop to Seven-Month Low

The American job market remains strong, as reflected in the latest figures published by the U.S. Labor Department. Initial unemployment claims have recently dropped to their lowest level since February, plunging 13,000 to a mere 216,000—a telling indicator that employers are reluctant to part with their staff. Furthermore, continuing claims fell to 1.68 million for the week ending August 26th, signalling that people aren’t returning to unemployment benefits at the same rate as before. This trend is undoubtedly good news for the economy, allowing consumers to freely express their buying power without the threat of looming job losses. According to Nancy Vanden Houten of Oxford Economics, “The claims data are a reminder that labor market conditions may be cooling, but that the labor market is still tight.” Despite signs of a downturn, it’s clear that the US job market is still going strong.

The latest Beige Book from the Federal Reserve has illustrated some troubling economic trends. As a dozen district banks provided their assessment of the market, it became apparent that growth was losing momentum, with various qualitative markers indicating deceleration. Price rises were particularly sluggish in consumer and manufacturing settings, as businesses found themselves unable to effectively pass on their cost pressures. Profit margins also had a negative bias. In addition, retail customers were proving to be increasingly cautious when it came to purchasing non-essential items, having already depleted their savings earlier in the year. Small and medium sized enterprises, meanwhile, have expressed a heightened anxiety over inflation and are seeking additional means of financing in the near future. Unfortunately, many of these companies appear to be living on borrowed time—with only enough resources to support them for up to 60 days. These findings suggest that urgent action may be needed to restore balance to the economy.

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