Are Loyalty Programs Becoming Extinct? Embrace Disloyalty and Reap Rewards!

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In this era of soaring travel expenses and skyrocketing consumer credit spending, it can be difficult to determine the true value of brand loyalty. Despite paying more for their experiences, savvy consumers are still on the lookout for the best deals available, which has made cultivating long-term customer relationships a tricky endeavor. However, one company is firmly on the path to success despite these obstacles—American Express. Recent earnings results show that the company’s billed business is up 10%, reaching a total of $155 billion, with overall card spending at an unprecedented high. Furthermore, travel and entertainment-related expenses experienced a healthy growth of 14% after adjusting for Foreign Exchange (FX) fluctuations, displaying American Express’ commitment to offering customers the best value for their money.

Delving into the demographics, American Express emphasized that more than 60% of new consumer accounts were associated with millennials and Generation Z consumers, who collectively drove a significant 21% upsurge in their overall spending compared to the previous year.

While Delta Air Lines has reported a surge in travel and American Express has experienced significant momentum in spending from young consumers, it’s essential to consider that these are just two reports among many others in the competitive landscape of both the travel and payments industry. Various players have roles in shaping the overall dynamics and trends in these sectors.

Recent times have repeatedly shown that loyalty is a challenging aspect to maintain. However, one factor consistently emerges victorious: bargain prices, especially for today’s ever-changing and unpredictable consumer demographic.

Dis-loyalty has broken the traditional mold of loyalty programs, creating an immersive experience that rewards exploration and discovery. By providing instant access to exclusive benefits and seamless bookings, this revolutionary program encourages both trusting ties to the Ennismore brand and a spirit of adventure. In an ever-changing world, Dis-loyalty is a prime example of how even loyalty can be reimagined – embracing new possibilities along the way.

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